Appendix Man: Australia's First Megahero

by Angus McNeil


Don’t let the title Appendix Man fool you. She is not an ordinary superhero. That’s right ... “she”.


Daisy Tuck is an independently minded 17 year old girl, who wants to become a Megahero. 


“Don’t you mean ‘superhero’?” asks her best friend Leon. “No” as Daisy explains, “the world has enough superheroes … a “Megahero is like a superhero, but so awesome and so powerful that they aren’t actually ‘super’ – they’re ‘Mega’.  Get it?”


So when Daisy has her appendix removed, after a sudden and nasty bout of appendicitis, she is convinced that she can be a Megahero. Hiding her identity behind a pair of sunglasses, Daisy is determined to save the world from the clutches of the environmentally-friendly Megavillian, Dr Aurelius Green, and his partner in crime, the Ginger Ninja.


So begins this rollicking teenage novel, which chronicles Daisy’s and Leon’s hilarious adventures, featuring Australia’s feral koalas, Uluru, the back streets of Melbourne, Dr Green’s stunningly nasty children, the Phazzmabot – which turns salt water into fresh water and vice versa - Dr Green’s evil Grenchmen, the beguiling Ash – premiere conspiracy theorist, lots of secret gadgets invented by Daisy’s father, and the wise ever-present Hong. Plus of course Daisy’s sunglasses.


Full of laugh out loud moments and goofy action scenes where Daisy (mostly) holds her own against the Megavillians, Appendix Man is a positive and empowering story which can be enjoyed by both girls and boys. Daisy shows that all you need to be a Megahero in life is an irrepressible attitude, a pair of sunglasses and a best friend by your side.


Appendix Man is the first book in a wonderful 5 book series written by young Melbourne author Angus McNeil, with future Appendix Man episodes promising to detail Daisy’s exploits to resist the attack of the Phazzmatron, and her attempts to withstand the threat from the dancing brothers the Bumble Boys.

Highly recommended for girls and boys 8-18.





ISBN: 978-1-925658-00-2    

© 2019 by Angus McNeil. All Rights Reserved.

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