Dr Aurelius Green

First Appearance:

Appendix Man

Character Bio:

Dr Aurelius Green is the world's first and only environmentally-friendly Megavillain. Since he was a student, he has been passionate about making the world a better place for all of nature's most beautiful species - which, of course, means getting rid of the humans on it.

Dr Green is always accompanied by his loyal army of jumpsuit-wearing Grenchmen, who act as his protectors against any pesky Megaheroes who try to interfere with his plans.

But he is more than a Megavillain bent on total annihilation. Dr Green is also a loving father of three children, Lily, Ryan and Emily, with his wife, Kathryn, all of whom share a passion for world-destruction.

Favourite hobbies:

Destroying the human race


Favourite food:

Steamed honey-carrots

Favourite animal:


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