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Crowbar Media


16 June 2017

Appendix Man

"So to those out there who plan on causing trouble ... my name is Appendix Man, and I'm coming to get you."

Daisy Tuck is just a teenage girl with a dream: to become Australia's first Megahero.  


Her best friend Leon cannot believe it. Without any super powers, how could she do something so crazy?

But when the environmentally-friendly evil scientist, Dr Aurelius Green, unexpectedly teams up with Melbourne's own conniving Megavillian, the Ginger Ninja, suddenly the world might just need a Megahero after all...

Appendix Man II

Attack of the Phazzmatron

"Abracadabra, Appendix Man."

A new foe has emerged from the shadows. The Mathemagician is holding Melbourne in fear, and it's up to Appendix Man to stop him.

But behind the sunglasses, Daisy Tuck faces challenges from every angle; challenges that may put even her closest friendship to the test...


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